A Look At Our DECA Competitors


The DECA organization is being led by our teacher Mr. Weidner.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

On February 9th, 2022, the DECA club (Distributive Education Clubs of America), competed in the District 6 DECA Competition at the Mid Rivers Mall in St. Peters. Two of our DECA competitors made it to the finals. Maddie Batchelder (’23) is advancing in Principles of Marketing, and Makayla Markus (’24) is advancing in Accounting. The two will now be able to advance to the Missouri DECA State Career Development Conference in Kansas City.

Markus had thoughts about being able to advance to the Kansas City competitions.

“I was surprisingly really excited, I didn’t know what to expect,” Markus said.

She also had a few things she felt about the progress she and her team made throughout the year in DECA, and how her group has gone far.

“It’s a nice club,” Markus said. “It’s a really small club we have, and I’m surprised with how I’ve done in this club. Mr. Weidner has been a huge help as well. I think that our group is really good. All of us members just clicked together.”

Markus and Batchelder will go to Kansas City on March 13-15 to compete in their respective events against competitors from all over the state of Missouri with hopes to move on to the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia held in late April.

Mr. Weidner, the club leader for DECA, and a teacher in the Business, Marketing, and Computer Sciences subject, had feelings about his club overall, and the winners who have been qualified for the Kansas City conference.

“All students who chose to compete this year were faced with the challenge of going against more experienced competitors,” Weidner said. “With it being our first year as a DECA chapter, many students had little idea what a DECA competition was truly about. They did a great job of powering through and were definitely up to the task. All of the competitors from North Point gave it their best and are excited to prepare more next year and compete again. I am extremely proud of our North Point DECA chapter and their performances at our District 6 competition. They took a chance and put themselves out there during their 1st year in the organization.”

We are very proud of our DECA students for making it far in their first year at North Point.