North Point Shoe Drive


North Point Shoe drive advertising all over the school grounds

Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

Schools all across America often participate in fundraisers and “drives” in order to either raise money for the school, raise money towards a good cause, or help donate goods to those in need. As the new school within the district is beginning to reach the end of its first-ever school year, many begin to wonder.

“What will North point be doing to help people in need?”

As prom begins to draw closer and closer, the upcoming prom shop will be an opportunity for students to donate and buy clothes for prom. Most of the sales made will be going towards getting more supplies and equipment for classrooms. However, a majority of school fundraisers are meant to help those in need and provide them with food or clothes. Even though the first official school year of North Point is only a few years away, the students and the staff still have plenty of time to change the school for the better! This is why the school will be participating in its very first shoe drive.

The shoe drive is being run by Ms. Hill this year thanks to a collaboration between the school and a company called Used Again.

“I’ve done canned food drives before with the thespians, DECA, and FBLA,” Ms. Hill said. “The company Used Again focuses on donating shoes and clothes to those in need, however, when they contacted us, they decided to turn it into a little friendly competition amongst the students.”

For anyone who wants to donate any new or used shoes, please turn them in to your 5th-hour teacher. The shoe drive will be going on until Thursday, February 17th. The 5th-hour class that donates the most shoes will receive a reward on Wednesday the 23rd. If any of you do have any spare shoes you wanna get rid of, don’t be afraid to donate them for a good cause.