Ways to Keep A Healthy Relationship Between Friends

Having friends will create a positive boost in your life.

courtesy of Creative Commons

Having friends will create a positive boost in your life.

Luke Chipley, Writer

Friendship is a primary aspect of life that nearly everyone has and holds near and dear to their hearts. It’s extremely important for a person’s mental scape, bringing much positivity to a person. But many people ask about how to bring and keep that positivity throughout their friendships.

There are many ways to help bring positivity into your friendship with another, (others) but of course, many negative things can happen as well. It’s all a part of human nature, and it is pretty much how it will always be, but that doesn’t mean that it should destroy that relationship.

A negative situation can be ranged by how severe it is. If any negative case barges into your friend group, it’s good to be prepared on what to do, like making decisions on how to come out of it. If the case is not bad to solve, then you can easily come back to your friends and try to maintain what you had before. But if the situation gets heated, then other actions may need to be taken, like time to think.

Positive moments are vital in negative situations, but doing your absolute best to maintain that positivity can, unfortunately, lead to what many call “toxic positivity.” According to The Psychology Group, “We define toxic positivity as the excessive and ineffective overgeneralization of a happy, optimistic state across all situations. The process of toxic positivity results in the denial, minimization, and invalidation of the authentic human emotional experience.”

A parent named Michelle Chipley agrees to this statement from The Psychology Group.

“I believe this situation is true,” Chipley said. “If someone is in denial of a negative situation, that can be bad.”

Constantly being positive in a negative situation can have an even worse affect on others, possibly signifying that you just don’t care about the situation at hand. Even then, sooner or later, the negative situations will build up on your shielding possibility and make your mentality a lot worse. It’s better to work your way through the negative situation, and come out with a stronger bond.

Another way to keep a healthy relationship with friends is to embrace yourself in a conversation. If you have a certain type of humor you use with friends, then use it. Showing your true self or your talents can bring you far in your friendship. It helps with self-esteem, and overall makes more healthy and fun conversations with friends.

Chipley also agrees with this statement, and has important information on what to do to embrace yourself.

“You can’t embrace yourself in a situation unless you know who you truly are, and that you love yourself, your hobbies, and who you are,” Chipley said.

Along with this, Chipley has some other thoughts on how you should keep a healthy friendship.

“Knowing yourself and your limits is a great way to help keep a friendship healthy,” Chipley said. “This along with being honest, being able to forgive others, and having fun.”

These are all ways to keep a healthy relationship between friends. But there are many more ways to do this when you experience them.