Auditions for the Spring Play


Holliday Palazzolo

Script provided for students auditioning for the play Miss Holmes

As more students begin to settle into the new school year and their new classes, a majority of the students are getting rather comfortable with their new classes and activities, but some students are looking for something to do after school. More and more clubs are beginning to appear within the school, but in regards to the theater club, they have been busy in regards to preparing for the Spring Play! The play for the second semester will be Miss Holmes, an adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, but a majority of the main characters are played by women. Auditions for Miss Holmes are luckily taking place this week! So students who are hoping to show our school their creative side can finally take to the stage for a chance to be a part of the first official play of our school.

“When students are coming to audition, the first thing we notice right off the bat is their confidence,” Mr. Milhous said. “When casting students, one of the most important factors is their ability to get in character, but we also pay attention to the amount of effort they’ve put into preparations, and how confident they are that they’ll get the role.”

All Together Now served as a fundraiser for our school and to help other theaters that suffered during the pandemic. The theater staff is hoping that more people will attend the first official play of the school. Now that students will finally be given a chance to show what they’re made of on stage, a select few will be chosen to participate in the play and make the second ever theater production of the school worthwhile.

“I’ve always been interested in theater, either onstage, or behind the scenes, either way, I just wanted to be a part of the theater,” Meagan Zumwalt said. “I’ve been reading my monolog in my spare time, and I’m hoping for the part of Watson, but I’d be okay with anyone really. I’m not super confident that I’ll get the role I want, but either way, I’ll still have a chance to show our theater what I can do.”

Auditions are on January 26, after school in room 506, and will start at 2:30 pm and end once everyone is finished with their auditions. Theater staff will debate and choose students for the play and then post the cast list on Friday, January 28, the latest being Saturday. Once the official cast has been chosen, rehearsals will start on Monday, January 31.

“As the first official play of North Point, we’re all very excited to see how this play goes and excited to see the potential students will be bringing to the auditions,” Mr. Heiger said. “For this play, we will be experimenting with props and set design, and we will even be trying out some new techniques with the lighting. Regardless, we’re all looking forward to seeing the first official play of the school succeed and make way for those who are ready to be onstage!”