A Checkmate Hangout


Riley Pulley

During WIN Time, students can go to room 136 to compete in chess.

Riley Pulley, Reporter

     Mrs. Nichols holds a Chess Club every Wednesday during WIN Time. It’s very laid back and a chill club. All the students have patience and a quiet place to hangout and play games.

     Students should not be afraid to join, even if they have never played chess. It is a great place to learn the game.

    “You need some patience because sometimes the games can take a while,” Griffin Carter (‘23) said.

     Although it does take skill to play chess, the main thing players need is a quiet place to learn and this club provides that.

    “Be aware of your surroundings,” Zach Frecks (‘24) said.

    Being in a good environment can help players with their games. 

    “I love being around people and playing chess,” Hayden Milligan (‘24) said.

    If you’re looking for a great place to meet new friends and play games of chess, come to room 136 with Mrs. Nichols on Wednesday during WIN Time.