Meet Our Freshman Friends!


Maggie Wallace

Two prominent freshman, Charlie Stanfill and Catherine Hunn represent the spirit of North Point.

Maggie Wallace, Editor-in-Chief

Meet some of our amazing freshman friends!!

Charlie Stanfill (’25) proudly poses for the article featuring him. (Maggie Wallace)

You have probably seen Charlie Stanfill walking through the halls talking to anyone and everyone he could. Charlie is a member of our football and wrestling team. He is also in STUCO. Charlie has one sister. She goes to Holt.

“I like to talk to people. I like socializing and talking to everyone. If I don’t see anyone I know, I will just start a conversation with someone random,” Charlie Stanfill (‘25) said.



Savory or Sweet?

~Probably Sweet 

If you were a Disney princess, which one would you be?

~Definietly Mulan 

Favorite Movie?

~Titanic 100%

What is something interesting about you?

~I started a protest in elementary school

Motto you live by?


Catherine Hunn (’25) smiles sweetly at the camera for her photo. (Maggie Wallace)

Catherine Hunn is a bubbly, sweet, and caring member of our school. Catherine is a member of the varsity dance team and is trying out for the soccer team. 

“I love to hang out with friends at school,” Catherine Hunn (‘25) said. 



Day or Night?


Sunrise or Sunset?


Savory or Sweet?


What is your favorite Disney villain?


Favorite Movie?