A School To Be Proud Of


Caleb Cole

Our school shows pride in all they do.

Alexia Zweifel

When most people think of North Point they may think about a new school or how there are less students or how the school is very big along with the middle school.

Whether the comments people have to say are positive or negative, we can all conclude that most are positive.

For example, some of our students have heard mixed things from people who don’t attend the school. There are good and bad, but mostly great things.

A group of ten students had the chance to talk to the superintendent Dr. Cain and some of the enlightening and positive things they said was ¨Teachers care about you. They ask how your day is going and many greet us at their door.¨ Another student said ¨This entire school is like nothing I have ever experienced before.” 

It shows how the atmosphere of a new school makes most of our students feel better and makes them want to come to school. 

When students walk into school everyday, they want to enjoy being in a building for hours at a time and here it was easy to achieve the willingness to want to be here in some students’ perspectives. 

With accepting teachers, classmates and staff it is not hard to want to be present at school.

 When you are given extra time and the ability to do work during W.I.N time, it makes it easier to finish work you do not finish during class or are absent. You can also study for quizzes and tests. 

One thing adults were iffy about was if the students would follow W.I.N time guidelines, but after follow ups to make sure if students were doing everything correctly, we passed with flying colors and showed strong responsibility. 

The pride some students show for our school is amazing and most of us would not have it any other way.