North Point Prom Shop


Donations for North Point Prom shop open up in February

Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

As the end of the first semester gets closer and closer, more students begin to wonder.

“What will the second semester be like for students of North Point?”

Because a majority of students within the school are freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, the school district wants those students to make the most out of their time while here. Prom has been a staple to High Schools all over America, and it gives Juniors and Seniors a chance to feel regal, while also giving them a chance to celebrate their final years in high school. As a new school within the Wentzville school district, it’s mandatory that we give it our all during one of the biggest dances of the school year!

Since we don’t have any seniors, prom will consist of juniors, but they are free to bring a guest of their choice. Dates and locations for the official Prom dance haven’t been decided yet, but the staff is willing to do whatever they can in order to help make the first Prom dance of North Point memorable for the Juniors. In order to help the students who struggle with finding outfits for Prom, the staff will be opening a Prom Shop for the students on March 5 from 9-12.

“The Prom shop will be selling dresses, suits, and maybe ties and shoes,” Mr. Milhous said. “The outfits and shoes will be donated from families and retail stores starting in February, the shop will open March 5.”

 Even though a date hasn’t been set for the official dance, the staff assures that the Prom shop will be open prior to the prom dance. Before selling anything at the shop, the staff will make sure that every outfit is clean & suitable to sell. Any students that already have an outfit for prom and have any extra outfits, please consider donating those outfits to the Prom shop committee on February 12 from 8-11 so other students can have a chance to buy and wear something nice for prom.