Podcasts, Music, and Charity


Shane Presley

Shane Presley’s podcast is all about music and comedy within St. Louis.

Maggie Wallace, Editor-in-Chief

North Point’s very own custodian Shane Presley runs a podcast that ended up being a much bigger event. The podcast is called Rock Paper Podcast. Shane started out doing podcasts in May of 2014. 

“I spent a lot of time at our local funnybone and I met a comedian Jay Larson, who introduced me to the podcasting format and I checked out his podcast and I started really enjoying the format. So one day my buddy Chris said “Hey, man, you wanna start a podcast?” And I was like, “Yeah, that sounds like fun.” So, in May 2014 we started recording and we’ve been for seven and a half years now,” Custodian Shane Presley said. 

The podcast is all about music, with different artists being interviewed every week. Each artist has their own style and flair to their interview. It is dedicated to serving St. Louis entertainers and they are always looking for a variety of comedians and musicians and other interesting people around the St. Louis area to strike up a good conversation with. 

Not only does he do this podcast, which has 946 episodes, but he also does charity events. 

“Yeah, I started with the first one, which was for a Toys for Tots benefit,” Shane Presley said. “And, actually a friend of mine, Lexi, had an idea for kind of like a bucket list thing of things that she wanted to do and Toys for Tots benefit was one of those. So that was her idea to really kind of get moving into it, but I fell in love with giving back to the community and it just felt good to be part of that. So after that one, I was hoping to keep that going as a annual event. But in 2019, my mother got sick with brain cancer and we made the benefit for her that year and then this year in 2021 we continued the benefit to give back to others fight brain cancer.” 

Though going through a hard time with his mother, he continued to bring light into people’s lives through comedy and music.