All Together Now and the future of North Point Theatre


All Together Now cast of North Point Theatre preforming “Supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus”

Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

Friday, November 12, was a momentous night for the students and staff. That Friday was the opening night for “All Together Now” the first musical of North Point, and the grand opening of the  theatre program, directed by Mr. Milhous. As students rushed to prepare for opening night, the amount of work that went into the first theatre production of the school really paid off for both the students and the teachers involved in the theatre production. “All Together Now” is a compilation of Broadway’s most well-known songs from a selection of their most popular musicals. 

“During the Pandemic, a large majority of theaters lost a lot of money, and unfortunately many of them had to close their doors for good,” Mr. Hieger, an assistant director, said. “The North Point theatre program is lucky enough to be opening their doors for the very first time, but in order to help the theatres still struggling, the money we made off of All Together Now will go towards helping theatres across Missouri.” 

Opening night for “All Together Now” took place on Friday, November 12 at 7:00 pm, and there were two other performances on Saturday, November 13, one at 1:00 pm, and one at 7:00 pm. Now that the theatre program is done with the musical, and there will be no other theatre productions this semester, the students and staff are incredibly proud of the progress they’ve made. From the actors and staff to the lighting and sound crew, and even the Costume and Prop team, they are beyond relieved that they managed to have the first Musical of North Point go off with a bang! 

“I was part of the house crew and lighting, Megan Zumwalt (’23) said. “I was busy taking care of one of the spotlights. I liked being a part of rehearsal because it allowed me to connect with the rest of the crew, and I played an important role in making sure everything ran smoothly.” 

However, many agree that the students who were under the most pressure were the actors in the Musical. Many of them were excited about opening night, but a good majority of them were still very nervous.

“Since I auditioned, rehearsal took place every day after school,” Ariana Olexa (’25) said.  “Thankfully, rehearsal didn’t bleed into my time too much since I usually have color guard practice after school. I was very nervous heading into opening night, and that feeling didn’t go down as I started performing. I was very hot due to the layering costumes and both the spotlight, and the audience made me nervous the entire time. That being said, I did enjoy my time and I am very proud of the progress we’ve made, the only thing I would change is that I would sing louder.”

Regardless, the North Point theatre program is very pleased with the progress they’ve made when it comes to helping the theatre, and the entire theatre program is itching to put on the next show during the second semester, and upon further investigation, the play for next semester has already been chosen, and students are itching to find out what it is and get back onstage.