Winter Wellness Week Spirit Week


Riley Pulley

Let’s make this the best Spirit Week and get out there and show our spirit.

Mora Arzuagas, Reporter

Are you excited? Next week (Dec. 6-10) is the Winter Spirit week! Let’s get everybody pumped up for this next week. Even get your friends to participate. The spirit week will include fun dress-up days such as twin day and neon day.

“I think spirit week is a really good idea because it’s really fun and brings the whole school together,” Maggie Wallace (‘25) said.

It is important to show love for your school even if it is something so little as wearing a neon shirt to school on a Tuesday.

“I think it’s fun that everyone is able to be a part of something that shows school spirit.,” Addison Brown (‘24) said.

Being a part of something like a spirit week is a good way to show appreciation to the school that educates you.