Our Contributions To Veteran’s Day.


Mrs. Bartholmey cut the stars and placed them here.

   November is the month that we celebrate Veterans Day, which is on the eleventh. It is a day where we celebrate and be joyful for the contributions that our Veterans have made for us. 

   Near this Veterans Day, social studies teacher Mrs. Brittany Docket had the inspiration to create a wall of stars on our trophy shelves.

   “I had gained inspiration from an activity that a teacher named Mrs. Bopp did for Veteran’s Day,” Docket said. “Mrs. Bopp is from Holt High School.”

   Every star on the display has a name of a veteran, and what branch they are. It is a way to show our respect to the Veterans, who give it our all to keep our country safe.

   This is the whole point of why the stars are there.

   “To me, our Veterans should be recognized,” Docket said. “Our freedoms exist because of the people who took an oath to protect our country. I appreciate them for all they do and their service to

our nation. I have veterans in my family and my best friend is one as well so this is close to my heart.”

   But it wasn’t just Mrs. Docket who was a part of the display. Mrs. Danielle Bartholmey had a role in this project.

   “Mrs. Bartholomy printed and cut all of the stars,” Mrs. Dockett sadi. “Would not have happened without her.”

    Mrs. Bartholmey, the administrative secretary, participated by cutting out the stars and sending them off to each class in the school. Mrs. Bartholmey

has strong feelings for Veterans too.

   “I helped out here because this holiday is very special and close to me,” Bartholemy said. “My grandpa had passed away, and he was a veteran, and that gave me the inspiration to help with this


   Overall, this project was a great way to celebrate Veteran’s Day, and more activities are sure to come every year.