Should Vending Machines Be Allowed All Day?


Clarissa Rangle

Vic Bourdin de Bouchillon (’25) and Meg Zumwalt (’23) try to get snacks between classes, but it is off.

Clarissa Rangle

We all know that vending machines are very popular. You see them in public places, work buildings, schools, etc. Vending machines are used to provide snacks and beverages for people throughout the day. Vending machine prices aren’t even expensive so it’s an added bonus to them as well. 

Many schools have vending machines but only make them available before and after school hours and during lunch.  Many students feel that this is unfair, and when students were asked about this issue, here’s what they had to say. 

“They should be open throughout the day and free,” Andrew Moore (‘23) said.

Students do not like to wait until lunch to get a snack.

“It stinks because you have to wait until lunch,” Reygan Ehling (’23) said.

In school, students have to sit in a classroom for 45 minutes to an hour and a half with limited restroom breaks. Some students don’t get to eat breakfast in the morning and could depend on vending machines throughout the day to keep them from being hungry. Food is also a good way to stay focused, especially during school. Also, students get thirsty during the day and either don’t have water bottles to bring, or they forget them so having vending machines would be a benefit. 

The school also has things they have to pay so having vending machines open for longer during the school day would be beneficial and we could also use that money to provide more funds for school supplies and activities. Vending machines are also good for students/staff because school lunches have limited food options and students could use the vending machines if they don’t like the options for that day and they’d be still paying the school for food. 

Some teachers buy class snacks but if we had vending machines open all day that would reduce the risk of teachers having to spend their own money on students. They are also quick and easy to use instead of standing in a long line and using half of your lunchtime waiting around. It’s also easy to maintain and is very popular and people are guaranteed to use them. Eating snacks throughout the day is also very healthy academically and physically for students’ overall well-being. 

Vending machines should be included during school hours as it has many pros and very limited cons. It would also make students happy and it’s beneficial to the school.