How to plan the perfect christmas party

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Suggested table setting for anyone hoping to host a christmas party

Holliday Palazzolo, Design editor

When someone brings up a Christmas party, what’s the first thing you think of? Television and movies portray it as a glorious time to connect with friends and family as beautiful lights twinkle all throughout the house, and people laugh and gossip as they feast on a smorgasbord of sweets. Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, most christmas parties nowadays are just adult parties with grown ups dressed in almost formal clothing, with only a little bit of christmas music playing, meanwhile the adults just make small talk and drink lots of alcohol. Even if kids are allowed, they’re most often just shoved into another room so the adults can have their fun.

No matter who you’re spending it with, Christmas is a time to show your love and appreciation towards those who matter to you, and these shallow christmas parties are just an excuse for adults to drink with their friends without having their kids bothering them. That’s not what Christmas is all about, so here are some sure-fire ways to liven up the holiday season and make the perfect Christmas party!

Instead of just buying some bland store-bought goods to bring to a party, try making some homemade dishes and desserts. Sure, it may be a little time consuming, but it’s so worth it to see everyone smiling as they chow down on some of your homemade foods & drinks made with love! For starters, here is a recipe on how to make homemade eggnog!

First, separate and save the whites & yolks of 5 eggs. In the bowl of egg yolks, whisk in 1 cup of sugar. Next add 2 cups of milk and 1 cup of heavy cream to a pot, and then add cinnamon and 4 cloves. Scald, don’t boil. Then temper the egg & sugar mix with about half of the scalded milk, then add it all back into the pot. Low heat until thick. Once the mixture is thick, you can strain it into a bowl so the cloves don’t get through. Now take the 5 egg whites and beat on high speed with a touch of sugar until fluffy. Then add the egg whites to the bowl of eggnog and fold. Add in some nutmeg and vanilla and gently stir. Transfer to a cup and enjoy! (if you’re not comfortable with drinking raw eggs, you’re free to heat up the mixture, but it won’t be as fluffy)

Now, because Christmas is a time to show your love to all of your friends and family, this rule should apply to all gathering events for the holiday season. Sadly, a majority of christmas parties nowadays are just adults drinking alcohol meanwhile kids just run around with nothing to do being brats, or the kids are just shoved into another room. Because there should be no separation at gathering parties, here are some solutions to that problem that you’re free to try out! If you’re allowed to bring your kids to a christmas party with your friends, but you’re afraid of the amount of alcohol that’ll be present, especially with kids around, here’s what you can do. If you’re hosting a christmas party for both kids and adults, put restrictions on the amount of alcohol that’ll be provided, that way everyone gets the same amount, and you can monitor everyone’s alcohol intake that way they’re safe to drive home by the time the party ends.

Now for the kids… because we don’t want them to feel left out at a christmas party, here are some ways to keep them entertained & having fun! Instead of just keeping them cooped up in one room, let them explore the home to their heart’s content, only putting restrictions on places that they’re not wanted (master bedroom for example) and allowing them to feel comfortable no matter where they are, that way they can explore, play with other kids, or stay by their parents if they want to. However, keeping them entertained is a must at a party, as much as we want them to feel comfortable at a festive Christmas party, some of the adults might want some time away from the kids so that way they can chat it up with their friends. 

One great way would be to provide a room filled with board, card, video games, crafts, and movies so that the kids can spend time playing games with the other children. Another great idea would be to provide an area for children to make Christmas themed sweets! Provide them with the necessary materials for making their own christmas cookies, or even gingerbread houses! These suggestions will provide you with some sure-fire ways to give the children some freedom and distance from the adults, but don’t lock them up and limit them to just a few things to entertain themselves. Make sure to provide them with a plethora of entertainment options, while also giving them the freedom to come & go as they please.

Feel free to use these friendly suggestions the next time you attend or host a christmas party! Christmas is a time for showing your love for your friends and family, so make the most out of this glorious time, and have a Merry Christmas!