The Rise Of Jorts


Reese Krueger (´25)

Students showing their style by wearing the newly popular jorts.

Raeleigh Meyer, Reporter

Are you a supporter of jorts?

Starting as a trend in the late 1960s, jorts have begun to make a comeback. Jorts are either purchased or more commonly made by cutting off the legs of a pair of jeans. Recently jorts have been coming widespread in Wentzville high schools. Thanks to a friend group, they are trying to bring back the old trend. Their style is also starting to spread to their friends at other Wentzville high schools such as Holt and Timberland.

¨It all started as an idea at a bonfire one night,¨ Braeden Ball (´24) said.

The group made it a thing to wear their jorts every Friday until the rest of the school year.

¨Not only have jorts started to become popular in school, but is also popular on TikTok,¨ Evie Laspe (´25) said.

¨The purpose of us wearing jorts is to try and bring back trends from the 80s,¨ Braeden Ball (´25) said.

¨Jorts are stupid because they are so uncomfortable I don’t support the new trend,¨ Catherine Hunn (´25).

¨I really love the fact that our style has even spread to Holt and Timberland,¨ Ryan Dreiling (´25) said.

¨I feel like this trend will start to become even more popular and will last a long time,¨ Evie Laspe (´25) said.

Join the trend and wear your jorts this Friday in the move to bring back the 80s, and for the last Friday of the school year.

¨I like jorts, if I had a pair I would definitely wear them,¨ Kieran Branson (´25) said.

¨Wearing jorts make me feel special, and it really helps me show my personality through what clothes I wear,¨Ryan Dreiling (´25)

These boys definitely have no shame or embarrassment in wearing their favorite clothing.

Everyone has their own sense of style, can jorts be yours?